Half day retreat.jpeg

Half Day Retreat

With Anna & Mel £40

Sunday 6th October 8am - 1 pm

Could you do with some time to yourself to help reset your body, calm a busy mind and take stock of where you are at the moment?

Join Margate Yoga Studio owner Mel and Anna Brook for a half day retreat in the calming space that is Margate Yoga Studio. In this retreat we move through a range of styles of yoga and self enquiry. We’ll begin the day with a Vinyasa Flow session, helping to strengthen and detoxify the body, which will be followed by a delicious, nutritious breakfast from local health gurus (or what else would you call them?!) - The Grain Grocer.

Then using meditation, visualisation, affirmation and drawing, you’ll be offered the chance to consider anything which is holding you back at present and set some goals/intentions for the future. We end with a deeply relaxing Yin class where we hold postures for longer so you leave feeling calm and inspired. Open to those of all experience - beginners welcome. 

About Mel and Anna…

Anna is an experienced yoga retreat teacher, having taught on over 35 weekend and day retreats. She has 600+ of training in a variety of styles of yoga/meditation and is passionate about sharing the profound benefits of yoga. She also teaches classes at Margate Yoga Studio.

Mel is a 290hr RYT who continues to deepen her study’s with master yoga teachers. Mel’s classes are fiery and teaches from the heart. Be prepared to stretch, sweat and have some fun.