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Chaturanga Master Class

With Rach £10

Thursday 5th September 5.30 - 6.30pm

Practice chaturanga with less effort and more ease.

 Refine your chaturanga, and build strength with correct alignment for a stable chaturanga. We will explore preparatory posses and modifications to help build strength, we will talk about common pitfalls, address the bad habits you may not realise you’re repeating.

 The pose is challenging, it strengthens arms & legs and tones abdominals, preparing people for arm balances & inversions.

 We will practice the safe learning of the transition from plank to chaturanga + chaturanga to upward facing dog + upward facing dog to downward facing dog.

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Half Day Retreat

With Anna & Mel £40

Sunday 6th October 8am - 1 pm

Could you do with some time to yourself to help reset your body, calm a busy mind and take stock of where you are at the moment?

Join Margate Yoga Studio owner Mel and Anna Brook for a half day retreat in the calming space that is Margate Yoga Studio. In this retreat we move through a range of styles of yoga and self enquiry. We’ll begin the day with a Vinyasa Flow session, helping to strengthen and detoxify the body, which will be followed by a delicious, nutritious breakfast from local health gurus (or what else would you call them?!) - The Grain Grocer.

Then using meditation, visualisation, affirmation and drawing, you’ll be offered the chance to consider anything which is holding you back at present and set some goals/intentions for the future. We end with a deeply relaxing Yin class where we hold postures for longer so you leave feeling calm and inspired. Open to those of all experience - beginners welcome. 

About Mel and Anna…

Anna is an experienced yoga retreat teacher, having taught on over 35 weekend and day retreats. She has 600+ of training in a variety of styles of yoga/meditation and is passionate about sharing the profound benefits of yoga. She also teaches classes at Margate Yoga Studio.

Mel is a 290hr RYT who continues to deepen her study’s with master yoga teachers. Mel’s classes are fiery and teaches from the heart. Be prepared to stretch, sweat and have some fun.