How To Book Your Class Pass

1.    Go to this page (opens a new tab)

2.    Click on CLASS PASSES

3. Select which pass you would like

4. Select SCHEDULE, one class needs to be booked when you buy a class pass.

5. Select the first class you would like to book into

6. Go to the troly

7. Select BOOK NOW

8. Enter your details, remembering which email address you chose to use

 How To Book Your Class (with a class pass)

1.    If you have just purchased your class pass you can click on the Schedule link.


 How To Cancel Or Reschedule your bookings

1.    Find your confirmation email

2.    At the

3.    The website will open, chooses either to Cancel or Reschedule

4.    Complete and confirm action


Alternatively, if you have an account already


1.    If you have an account log in